I hetaste laget

Some Like It Hot is a peerless comedy film from 1959 starring Marilyn Monroe as “Sugar”, Tony Curtis as “Joe” and Jack Lemmon as “Jerry”.
Set partly in Chicago in the 1920s, the film is about two unemployed musicians on the run. They witness a clash between two rival gangs of mobsters, and to save themselves they take up jobs with a women’s orchestra heading to Florida – as female musicians!
And so the stage is set for laughs aplenty!

Premièred at Nöjesteatern:
28 September 2000

Cast list:
Sofie Lindberg –
Sugar, singer and ukulele player
Siw Malmkvist –
Sweet Sue, leader of the women’s orchestra
Anders Aldgård –
Jerry, unemployed bassist
Jan Modin –
Joe, unemployed tenor saxophonist
Allan Svensson –
Bienstock, manager of the women’s orchestra
Stig Grybe –
Osgood Fielding, mobster boss in Chicago
Joachim Maatz –
Spats Colombo, ridiculously rich millionaire

… plus a large orchestra, dancers, etc…