Pippi kommer till stan!

Pippi kommer till stan! (Pippi comes to town!) was on tour in the spring of 2022 in the cities of Malmö, Helsingborg, Ystad, Karlskrona, Kristianstad and Växjö.

When Pippi, the world’s strongest girl, moves into Villa Villekulla, she meets Tommy and Annika. They are surprised when Pippi does not live with her mother and father but with her monkey Herr Nilsson and her horse Lilla Gubben. We also meet the Prussiluska, who is not going to give up until Pippi enters the orphanage. She has the policemen Kling and Klang to help her. Excitingly, it gets worse when the criminals Dunder-Karlsson and Blom get wind of all Pippi’s gold coins. One day the three friends visit a circus where Pippi shows that she IS the strongest in the whole world.