The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind

The exhibition was shown at Amiralen in Malmö during the spring 2023 and at Stadsgårdsterminalen in Stockholm fall/winter 2023/2024

World-famous yet a mystery, Banksy is the Bristol-born and still anonymous graffiti artist and painter known for challenging the boundaries of the art world and whose work has been causing a stir and making headlines for years. The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind is an exhibition that covers all the elements of the Banksy icon, telling the story of the artist’s masterpiece and challenging the viewer to use art as a means of influence. The exhibition is unprecedented in its kind with more than 150 presentations of works by the acclaimed street artist.

Graffiti, photographs, sculptures, video installations and prints on various materials such as canvas, fabric, aluminium, Forex and Plexiglas have been reproduced especially for this special exhibition. The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind provides visitors with a comprehensive overview and insight into the entire oeuvre of the brilliant and exceptional artist in an elaborate and unique setting. In line with Banksy’s motto ”Copyright is for losers ©TM”, this tribute and the works displayed therein are not authorised by the artist due to his anonymous status.