Callmar Slott

On cultured ground in Alnarp. This is where he was born. It was here in Alnarpsparken, the parkland around Alnarp Castle, that Stefan Julius Malmström grew up and played as a child. It was here that he trundled around on his tricycle, occasionally dropping in on Professor Callmar when he wanted some sweets. And it was to this residence, Callmar Manor, that he returned in 1999 as a famous impresario in the entertainment industry.

This is a place where cultures come together: agriculture, horticulture and the broad culture that Julius represents – an incredibly diverse range of theatre productions, concerts and events, all in the name of entertainment.

Alnarp is justly referred to as Sweden’s most beautiful campus, where the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) has around 850 students and 400 employees. Its alumni include horticulturists, landscape architects, landscape engineers, horticultural engineers, estate managers and rural entrepreneurs.

Covering 40 hectares, Alnarpsparken is one of the country’s largest botanic gardens, with around 2,600 different trees and bushes, 800 different annuals and 400–500 perennials. This paradise for garden enthusiasts is a fine source of inspiration and a balm for the soul. The Friends of Alnarpsparken organise talks and park tours. Find out about the society at

And the culture doesn’t stop there. The park is also home to Sweden’s only specialist library for horticulture and landscape planning, with its 90,000 volumes! And let’s not forget the museums dedicated to agriculture, horse-drawn carriages and horseshoeing. For a little taster, visit

Of course the park is dominated by Alnarp Castle, dating from 1862. It was here that Skåne’s landed gentry and aristocratic families sent their sons to study the art of agriculture, and it still hosts a number of SLU’s courses. Alnarp is also a hotbed of research into subjects ranging from climate change and rural development to functional genomics and biotechnology. All the information about courses, research and the library can be found at

Julius could hardly have chosen a better place to nurture growth.