The musical Sällskapsresan (Package Holiday) premièred on 23 October 2015 at Nöjesteatern.

Sällskapsresan the musical is here!

35 years after the film was first released, the old gang is off on a new trip to Nueva Estoccolmo in Gran Canaria. Everyone is going. Stig-Helmer and Ole, Siv and Majsan. Berra and Robban, Director Angerud and the Storks, sorry Storches, of course.

By Bengt Palmers & Jakob Skarin, directed by Anders Albien, choreography by Siân Playsted

The cast included: Anders ‘Ankan’ Johansson, Hans Erik Dyvik Husby, Sven Melander, Stefan Ljungqvist, Nina Pressing and Frida Bergh