In september, the iconic Amiralen in Malmö will transform into the legendary Hof Bräuhaus, inviting you to a truly authentic and exhilarating Oktoberfest experience filled with everything you’ve eagerly anticipated.

Of course, these evenings will include the “Three B’s”: Bratwurst, Brezel and Bier.
You can expect lively performance by the vibrant umpa-umpa-orchestra led by Rupert Knödl und seine original GulaschBarone, as well as the sight of people dress in lederhosen, dirndls and funny hats.

Adding to the festivities Die Kranken Jugendlichen aus Schweden mit der Grosse Knüller  led by Cornelius Löfmark will entertain you with melodious tunes perfectly in sync with the Oktoberfest spirit.
That’s not all, apart from all this you will all behold a real-life flee circus (approved by PETA).
And of course we can’t forget the traditional yodelling!

See you all at Amiralen
Stimmung, Tranz und Mitsingen – Servus!

23, 28 & 30 of September at Amiralen in Malmö.