Hela Sjukan

Autumn 2001 saw a staging of the farce “Hela Sjukan” at Scalateatern in Stockholm. It was based on the Swedish TV series “Sjukan” which was broadcast in 1997 and quickly became an audience favourite. When the series was repeated, it attracted over two million viewers per episode.

“Hela Sjukan” played 53 times and was seen by around 20,000 people. The Swedish National Touring Theatre took “Hela Sjukan” on tour in spring 2002 and in autumn of that year the medical farce finally came to Nöjesteatern.

Cast list:
Björn Gustafson –
Bert Hersby, patient
Ulf Brunnberg –
Rutger Ahlénlius, patient
Thomas Hellberg –
Sten Söderberg, doctor
Lotta Thorell –
Kristine, nurse
Figge Norling –
Patrik Larsson, patient
Göran Forsmark –
Lada, ward sister

4 October – 15 December 2002