Cash on Delivery

Cash on Delivery played at Nöjesteatern in Malmö in autumn 2016.

The Svahn family on Lunavägen in Kalmar are enmeshed in a web of lies like no other. Poor Erik (ALLAN SVENSSON) doesn’t want his wife (CARINA LIDBOM) to know that he has lost his job, so to make ends meet he and his co-conspirator Uncle Bertil (KALLE RYDBERG) con every authority they can into giving them all manner of benefits. Suddenly, both inspector Bengtsson (KRYDDAN PETERSON) from the Social Insurance Agency and family counsellor Berthammar from the National Board of Health and Welfare (BIRGITTA RYDBERG) appear at the door, and Erik has to drag his innocent tenant (ROBERT RYDBERG) into the intrigue to avoid being exposed.

Just as all the subterfuge involving supposedly dead relatives, men dressed as women and fictitious children comes to a head, Erik’s wife arrives home for a session with her therapist (FRITTE FRIBERG) at the same time as Göran’s concerned fiancée, insurance agency boss Mrs Höök (LOTTA THORELL) and a rebellious washing machine enter the fray.

And so events spiral out of control in this high-octane farce directed by EDWARD AF SILLÉN at the theatre of laughter and joy – Nöjesteatern. See these colourful characters portrayed by this fantastically accomplished ensemble of the highest order!